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The Haunting

Ok, so this was written when I was 16, it’s not my best but here:

In the bright, midnight sky, the ivory moon illuminated the break in the murky woodlands. The muddy ground stirred as insects and other creatures fled. The music of daytime life had died and was replaced by the low moaning from the claw like trees. 

Out of the clearing came hooded figures, their steps slow, but precise. The air felt clammy, and as the figures raised their hooded heads to the moon, their horrific torn faces stood out.

As the blurred picture cleared, their scabbed dead hands seemed to be clinging onto hair, their victim’s hair. The victims pale faces stuck with a pained expression. Round orb like eyes rolled silently, frozen open. Their lips slightly parted, in an unheard scream.

Bolt upright, and covered in sweat, Ellie awoke, her hair on the back of her neck stood on end. Her heart racing, she rolled over to look at her clock. The faint smell of stale cigarettes and lilac sheets filled the room. 

3am? Cant be…damn!   She rolled over. Rubbing her wary eyes Ellie pulled the warm sheets over her shaking body and fell into and uneasy sleep. 

Morning light streamed into the kitchen, through the soft lilac curtains. The rays crept over dirty knives, forks, and plates from days before. Ellie stood by the least cluttered counter making breakfast. Cornflakes crackled into the bowl, the smell of coffee filled her nose. She tried to think hadn’t happened. She refused to believe they were back again. If she refused to believe it, it wouldn’t be true. Her legs felt weak and her head strained as memories of her dream ran through her mind.

They’re not. It was just a dream, it isn’t true, and it’s not going to happen.

The mail dropped onto the mat in the hallway with a soft clump. She warily picked it up, rubbing her sore eyes. Sighing as she read, she scanned them quickly. Bill…bill…her eyes scanned a name on the next letter. This isn’t mine… She reached for the cold door handle and stepped out into the icy weather. 

The ice-cold wind hit her face and she felt as if a lightening bolt had hit her as the orb like eyes forced into her mind. It reminded her of the iciness of the woods, cold fingers clawing at her mother. Her mother, she didn’t want to remember, it was all her fault. My fault…my fault! Ellies eyes teared up. I won’t remember…I refuse to remember. It was just a dream! Stop being stupid! It’s not happening.

Ellie knocked sharply next-door, the cold glossed wood met her hand. Strong, sickly green of the house appeared as the spotty, nervous man answered, Ellie handed over the letter and walked off primly, the guards watched from the streets, their hands stroking their guns, looking for a reason. A reason to kill; to cause pain and anguish. The guards seemed to thrive on it, swarm to it. Whenever there was a child crying there would be a street full of guards. They watched hungrily as Ellie stepped back into her small house.

Back to my life…House work. Ellie washed up after giving the spotty, nervous man his letter, disinfectant overpowered her from just standing at his spotless door. She hummed quietly, the dream temporarily pushed away from her mind. Her dark hair fell into her eyes, as she blew it back up her eyes glanced up, to see her neighbour across the street’s house. At first it seemed a normal everyday sight, one that Ellie had witnessed everyday for the last few years she had lived at that house. However, it changed as Ellie looked closer. 

That’s funny…I’ve never seen that car before…Wait…I’ve seen that woman before. No!   Her mind raced, questions exploded in every crevice of her head. How was this happening? Why? What could She do?

Ellie leapt back from the window. Ellie recognized the pale blonde hair, the blue eyes.   It was familiar to familiar…the pained expression in the moonlight. The vision of the moonlit dream flickered back. Ellie’s hands shook as she ran clumsily into the dark hallway of her house.

No! Ellie grabbed her soft jacket, its warmth instantly calmed her, she rubbed her cheek and sighed then stepped out of her house. She made sure to lock the crackled, aged door before stalking up the street.   Walking will clear my mind, ive been stressed lately it was just a dream.

Shattered glass clicked under her high heals. Patrolling officers looked up, suddenly alert as foxes. Their guns poised. She handed over her pass, and stood tall, nervously waiting for the hungry search to be over so she could speed away. Eventually they were satisfied, knowing she hadn’t got anything that stood out in society.

She didn’t want any reason to be taken away, not for her outspoken fashion taste, makeup, or government opinions. Oh no, her lips were kept tight shut on the government, her clothes were ordinary dark and her makeup was pristine and minimum, she tried not to stand out. She was taught to be ordinary; she was warned the government would be changed. 

“It won’t always be this easy, you’ll see” her mother had muttered once, “parliaments always changing you see, we’ll all be wearing the same soon and being taken away for being different, you’ll see” Ellie just laughed then but sighed now, her mother was one of the first to have been taken away.

The stench of fear erupted as a mother and child walked past. The pale looking woman gripped his hand tight muttering for him to keep quiet. Her face pleaded silently with the child. She looked aged and worn out, distraught and tired, at wits end. His face looked painfully tearful as his mother’s hand shook and tried to pull out their passes. A quick flash of bright colour and the guard’s smug face told Ellie he’d confiscated a toy. Naturally the child screamed for it. Ellie walked on wincing, she didn’t want to know what happened next, and she knew anyway, she heard the crack, the cry of the woman. She saw the red ooze over the road.

She quickened her pace feeling unnerved. Suddenly the loud noise of a bird snapped her to her senses. 

It’s just a bird! She thought, but still she couldn’t move. Out of the corner of her eye she saw the tall figure looming towards her.

“Got you!” it cried jumping onto her.

“What did I tell you about jumping out at me? You almost gave me a heart attack!”   Ellie snapped staring into the glittering eyes of Rob. He was tall, almost too tall. With brown hair that was always messy. Ellie had known him her whole life. She felt stupid for overreacting and so heartily linked arms with Rob offering peace. He suggested going for a coffee. The warmth of the coffee shop enticed Ellie. She walked along with Rob. Her worries forgotten for now as she got immersed herself in chatting about the newest gossip.

As soon as they walked into the coffee shop the warm air and ground coffee smell hit them. People lowered their eyes, trying not to start anything. The familiar scent of fear cropped up as Ellie spotted the guard watching over everyone from a corner. They sat down in the quiet booth in the corner, down the room from the guard; they felt more comfortable away from the tense atmosphere he created like a fog. Rob and Ellie settled with a couple of cappuccinos and poured over a recent newspaper.

MISS JAMESON, 30. ACCUSED OF SCHEMING AGAINST PARLIAMENT, read the headline of the most recent newspaper. Ellie’s heart lurched as she read on. She felt the colour drain from her face.

Miss Jameson has been witnessed expressing negative views on parliament and has been assumed to be connected to the local anti-parliament groups started up around the area…

Ellies eyes continued down the page, to what she expected. She felt sick, her stomach curdled. The blonde hair of the woman from earlier and the woman in her tormenting nightmare were facing Ellie from the page.

“Are you alright?” Rob leant over. His eyes gleamed with worry. Ellie forced a smile. She didn’t want to tell Rob. She didn’t have to. What would he do? Would her report her? Take her in?

“Erm…No, I’m going to go home, I feel ill.” And with that, Ellie clattered out of the coffee shop, accidentally knocking someone’s table on the way out, she didn’t bother turning around as she heard the crash. The guard’s drink dropped to the floor.

Her heart hammered as she rushed through the streets, furious faces of guards gawped at her as she rushed past. Their bated breath willed her to fall. Cold wind had picked up; it crashed into her body and face as she ran through it, her heart hammered against her ribs as she saw shadows. She kept running. With her heals stinging into her feet, burning her soles and her head feeling light, she ran to the door of her house. She shoved the key in the lock and rushed in slamming the door behind her and lent against it, getting her breath back. 

They’re in danger; we’re all in danger! Scheming against parliament. That could only mean one thing. It’s starting again.

In this town everything was controlled, monitored. Cold, monstrous guards patrolled the streets, the violence written in every curve of their faces. Many were murderers pulled from the prison, hardened by death. The media had taken it a step too far this time, control and power was everything nothing was going to stop it. No one was to stand out or look different, parliament was seen as perfect and anyone that opposed was shipped off somewhere else and was never seen again. Ellie had grown up with this. 

She looked at her clock, 9pm.

That’s ok… Ellie felt exhausted, she collapsed onto the couch. A few minutes of TV can’t hurt, She thought switching on the TV. In a matter of minutes she was asleep, the beads of cold sweat forming on her head.

The temperature dropped and the windows crackled, the wind picked up, something was happening. Ellie awoke abruptly, shaking all over. She ran to the window, forcing the stiff blinds closed. She felt paralysed with fear all of a sudden. She could feel the steady flick of lights going off in the road, the shivering breaths of the fearful, she could feel them coming.

Come on… come on! As the first figure approached it’s hooded face twisted up to the moon, as other figures swarmed to the street. 

It can’t be happening, this can’t be happening Her body shook, her face paled, she was petrified, but somehow she couldn’t tear her gaze away from the horrific scene forming right before her. 

As if by magic hundreds of creatures swarmed into the street their cloaks dragging along the street ripped on the uneven road. Their cloaked faces focused on the house opposite Ellie’s. Ellie pushed her face up against the window. She was stuck, staring, frozen with fear. All her senses screamed MOVE, MOVE, GO! GET AWAY! Her lips chattered and uttered “no! Please! No!” They stopped abruptly and gazed up at Ellie’s window, it seemed Ellie was trapped as they stared right at her. HIDE! Her mind screamed at her. She ducked down, kneeling on the cold tile floor in her kitchen. Nausea took her over, as she rocked back and forth gripping her knees, reliving the scene she had just witnessed. Ellie pleaded with every god she could remember. She made silly promises. She begged for something to stop the bloodshed outside. Tears filled her eyes from memories of those she had lost before to this cruel fate. The stench of bleach grabbed her nose. It was the last thing she remembered as she fell down, down into darkness. Her mind wiped. Dark images leaked into her unconscious mind.

Dark clouds flooded the sky. It was a frozen image. The woodlands seemed darker, more sinister tonight. Stars twinkled mischievously as if they were holding secrets. 

Thuds filled the air. Just two creatures came, dragging their two victims. Their scabbed hands clawed into this night’s victim’s hair.

The first victim was tall; his glossy brown hair was tearing from him. His glittery brown eyes stared non-seeing from his sockets. He was familiar.

Then came the second victim, it chilled Ellie’s unconscious heart, the dark hair draped over her face. The icy glare of the beautiful woman sinisterly stood out. Her body dragged limply through the muddy ground.

The moon caught something small and sparkly in the undergrowth. There was a small “E” necklace. 

Ellie woke in shock and touched the chain round her neck. The wind whistled through the window, she ran to it, her heart hammering into her ribs. In the road the dust had been parted and there was a track line of something being dragged along. The sound of the old church bell chimed. Ellie dropped her head as if falling to a trance.

One…two…three…She smiled a twisted smile. They’re coming for me.

They’re coming for me…she repeated, hearing the crack of the door.

The Homeless

So I found some of my old writing. This was written when I was about 14 but instead of binning it, I thought I’d share it:

Rain. Drops of acid. Burns into my skin. Tiny pinpricks poking my face and my legs. Wet feet, encrusted with pins, horrible skin. Nowhere to wash. I’m so thirsty I try to drink it. It tastes like burning, and doesn’t help.

After rain. Sleet. Cold, icy hand-prints slapping and hitting me, soaking every inch of me they can. There’s nothing I can do though. Nowhere to run, nowhere to go.

The sleet turns to snow. It’s horrible and harsh. Numbs your hands. If you can’t feel anything, it’s good. The only things I can feel now are emotions. So lonely, tired, it takes me over. No matter how much you try and fight it. No matter how much it hurts, you don’t let it show.

The squeals of laughter from children, reminders of family. Friends’ faces fuzz into my mind, laughing, joking, no fun.

I try to stand, to move my legs, they’re so brittle from lying there. Who will help me now? I’m all on my own. There’s no one for me.

When I was small I used to watch some silly shows, they made snow cones. Would that be good enough for food? Its worth a try, anything’s worth a try now.

It doesn’t help, I’m ill and sick and want to go home, my whole life spent like this, no life to live. Not worth the hassle. I just want it to end. Hobbling, at least I would be if I wasn’t slipping across the ice-covered ground. I pay my last pennies for a train ticket. Running out of the station, I can almost smell it now. Running, faster and faster. As fast as I can. Down the street, through the churchyard, across the field, down the lane. There! There it is! It’s just a few steps away now. Knock on the door, no answer, wait. Someone’s there the door opens…

Back on the streets. No money. No point to living. Its perfectly freezing, don’t bother with the sleeping bag.

Frost. Pools of ice. Coats the grass in crystal droplets, creeps up on unaware ponds. Covers me in a clear silk, I can’t move, I can hardly breath. It freezes me to my heart. Frozen.

That’s how ill stay…

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